How to Change and Install SSL for Hostname In CWP – Control web panel

by Sandeep B.

Today I’ll guide you how to change and install SSL for hostname in CWP panel, since this is the most questioned by our visitor via emails and i decided to provide a tutorial upon this.

Hostname is the most important thing in Linux server, it is associate with mails, rdns and many other services. A valid hostname can offer you issue free operation. Enough i explained lets get started with the guide.

Step 1 :

Ensure you’ve valid subdomain created from your main domain i.e. if you main domain is then the hostname/subdomain should be like this : or or

Step 2 :

Then whatever you choose the hostname ensure you’ve valid “A” record DNS added eg :

Step 3 :

Go to CWP.Admin by using root user and navigate to :

CWP.admin >> Server Settings >> Change Hostname

Now You’ll see change hostname module where you can set hostname double check to add A record DNS from step 2 Enter the hostname in “New Hostname:” field and hit “Change Hostname” button thats it it will automatically install SSL for hostname you can access cwp in https too :

thats it all done start using CWP.

Extra tips :

RDNS/PTR record should be same as server hostname.

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